Dynamic Evolution | Vaso 6x
  • Dynamic Evolution | Vaso 6x

    • More efficient blood flow
      for ATP production and muscle recovery


    • Increases nitric oxide production


    • Vasodilation
    • Superior nutrient delivery
      to muscles

    • Antioxidant effect


    According to the recent studies, a 300mg intake of VASO6 results in 50% vasodilation. Clinical pieces of evidence have also confirmed the efficacy of VASO6 for improving the vasodilation by 50%. It is in sharp contrast to other ingredients such as Arginine whose 7 grams lead to only 5% vasodilation. The capsules are an ideal choice for sportsmen as they increase nitric oxide production. The enhanced level of nitric oxide in the human blood provides Endothelial-Dependent Relaxation (EDR). Its impacts are seen in all body organs as more oxygen to muscles increases ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) production and power. The better blood flow enables easy muscle recovery. The capsules also increase vasodilation. It is a great sports supplement that also increases nutrient delivery to muscles. The outcomes are clearly evident in the better performance at gym and sports events, and its antioxidant effects make it an ideal sports supplement.


    Sportsmen and athletes can have various applications of the capsule. The capsules can be used in pre-workouts, non-stim pre-workouts, intra-workout, nootropoics, natural performance products, and energy drinks. The capsules contain the light brown powder that never precipitates and is soluble in water. The product also clears all aspects of regulatory compliance.