Allmax Nutrition Allmax Creatine 3000 150 Capsules
  • Allmax Nutrition Allmax Creatine 3000 150 Capsules

    Allmax Creatine Pills Results

    • Improves Performance
    • Improves High Intense Training
    • Increases Muscle Mass
    • Increases Size and Strength
    • Increasing Muscle Volume
    • Muscle Building Creatine In Pills
    • Better Pumps

    What is Allmax Creatine 3000 Pills?

    You have to lug around a bottle of powder to take your bodybuilding supplements. But now, you can get your muscle building creatine in a small, simple pill! Get all the great effects of creatine nitrate in an easy to swallow pill!

    Allmax Creatine 3000 is one of the most potent creatine monohydrate supplements out there now. This supplement will help you gain muscle will building up the endurance to keep up with the high intense workouts. Allmax is known for their high purity and quality in their products, so this is one of a kind! 

    How Does Creatine Work?

    Allmax Creatine 3000 contains pure creatine monohydrate. This is the most popular form of creatine simply because it works and is easy to obtain. What does creatine do? Well, this supplement helps to stimulant your protein synthesis which helps build muscle and build cells in general. 

    Creatine Monohydrate is basically a compound that is naturally in your body. This helps your body get energy more potent in muscles. So its basically food for your muscles! So by feeding your muscles with creatine, you are giving your muscles more strength, more power and more energy. That's exactly what a bodybuilder wants!

    Creatine forms a bond to phosphate to make phosphocreatine, or ATP. This is singly the biggest source of energy for your muscles to do its functions. 

    Who Can Use Creatine?

    If you are wanting to look bigger and get muscles, this is for you! Men and women can take creatine depending on the situation. You must be working out a lot in order to see results.

    Do I Need to cycle if taking creatine?

    Yes! We highly recommending cycling creatine so your body has a break. Use for up to 8 weeks then 2 weeks off. 

    Allmax Creatine How To Take

    We recommend 3 capsules with water when waking up and after working out. If not training, take 3 capsules after eating. 

    Allmax Nutrition 3000 Creatine Pills Ingredients 

    Serving Size: 3 Capsules

    Servings Per Container: 50

    Amount Per Serving

    Creatine Monohydrate: 3000mg

    Other Ingredients: Gelatin (Bovine), Magnesium Stearate, Silica